Forest Hill Military Hospital

New facilities an SANDF Forrest Hill Military Base, the facility includes various clinical departments of the Hospital, Platoon, Parking Hangers, Dental Departments and accommodation for the staff, Doctors, Officers and Generals.

Client: National Department of Public Works
Location: Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape
Value: R 550 million
Completion Date: 2021

St Lucy's Hospital Phase 2 & 3

The Detail Design of the Phase 2 of the Hospital is currently being completed and the construction is set to commence in 2018. Phase 3 of the project involves the renovations of the remaining services and the construction of Nurses and Doctors accommodation.

Client: Department of Health
Location: Tsolo, Eastern Cape
Value: R 300 million
Completion Date: 2021

Elundini Local Municipality

Intsika Architects has been appointed for a 3 year term to assist the Elundini Municipality with maintenance on existing structures and assists with planning and development of streetscapes and town squares. Various projects have been identified in Maclear, Ugie and Mount Fletcher.

Client: Elundini Local Municipality
Location: King, Maclear, Ugie & Mount Fletcher, Eastern Cape
Value: NA
Completion Date: 2021

Deyer Street Commercial Development

The project is an urban revitalization scheme that refurbishes an old workshop and warehouse to house various commercial tenants and rental storage facilities.

Client: Trueprop
Location: East London, Eastern Cape
Value: NA
Completion Date: 2017

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